Recovery Stories

These are the success stories of some of the sickest animals that have come through Shell and Fins Rescue. Although most of the animals we receive are relatively healthy, some come to us in critical condition and need specialized care to recover.

Thanks to kind donors, we have been able to afford all the supplies we need and create a fully stocked pharmacy to treat a multitude of illnesses.


Aurora was part of my first sorority rescue. Four females were kept together in a bare ten-gallon tank and had been attacking each other for months. All of them had swollen abdomens, torn fins, and other injuries. Aurora was blind in one eye, and being a dumbo her fins were picked on the most. After a lot of TLC Aurora was one of two females from the group to become healthy enough for adoption, and she was adopted by a good friend. Unfortunately, a few weeks after adoption Aurora passed, likely a result of her previous neglect.


Sandy (named such because she arrived in a Spongebob tank) was not given proper care for her entire life which led to her being stunted and sick. She had a horrible case of ich, or white spot disease, an extremely contagious external parasite. After being given proper care and treatment for the parasites, Sandy immediately began to grow and develop into a beautiful fish. Sandy (now named Shilo) ended up capturing my heart and she is now one of my personal pets.


Spinach came to us from Craigslist with another betta, both were being kept in improper conditions and Spinach had a horrible eye infection, known as popeye, that had gone untreated for nearly 9 months. His eye was three times as large as it should be. Thankfully with medication and months of care, it has returned almost to normal and he should live a normal life. Was adopted by a family ready to dedicate the time needed to ensure Spinach stays healthy.

Sugar Plum Fairy

S.P.F. Arrived at the rescue in awful condition. Fin rot had melted away at all of her fins and was starting to now eat away at her body. She was stunned and malnourished. It took nearly 3 months of intense care to bring her back and during that time she accumulated quite the fanbase! Once she was recovered she was adopted into an amazing home where she continues to thrive.