Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship?

Sorry, we do not currently ship. You must be local (Arizona) to adopt.

How much is it to adopt?

We ask for a $10 adoption donation for betta fish and hermit crabs ($10 covers all hermit pairs or groups as well). Fees for other animals vary.

What do I have to do to adopt?

Please fill out and submit the adoption application for the animal (or animals) you are interested in and we will contact you about adoption. 

Can I adopt more than one animal?

You can adopt more than one betta fish if you have a separate tank for each fish. Hermit crab pairs must be adopted together. Groups can be adopted together or split up, as long as splitting them does not leave a crab alone at the rescue. Single hermit crabs are mainly adopted to homes that currently have at least one other hermit crab.

How Do I Surrender my pets?

Please fill out and submit out surrender form and we will contact you about surrendering your animal(s). Please note that we accept animals based on our available space. We will accept species other than betta fish and land hermit crabs on a case by case basis. 

How can I donate?

We accept monetary donations through paypal at  We also have an Amazon Wishlist and accept in-person donations (please email us for in-person donations).

If I adopt, can the animal be returned?

Yes, we will accept back any of our animals regardless of how long they have been gone, their condition, or why you need to return.

How do you care for your animals?

Our betta fish are kept for a minimum of 30 days to ensure they do not have any health concerns. During that time they are kept in a heated and filtered 5 or 10-gallon tanks with silk plants and hiding spots. They are fed mainly Bug Bites but I also feed frozen and random pellets throughout the week. After 30 days healthy fish are put up for adoption.

Our hermit crabs are kept for a minimum of 15-30 days to ensure they do not have any health concerns. The length of their quarantine time depends on how they were previously cared for. Most need a chance to molt in a proper environment and are often kept longer than 30 days. We do occasionally get hermit crabs that were well kept and do not need to wait as long. During their stay, they are kept in a tank appropriate for the number of crabs (10-15 gallons each) with at least 8″ of substrate, pools large enough to submerge in, air temps of 82F, and a humidity of 85%. They are fed my homemade dry mix along with fresh food several times a week.